Our service

FERA provides trading strategies for crypto traders and investors, focusing on low-cap projects. The full service includes a trading plan that covers funds management and short-term predictions.

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Know your potential

FERA team believes the crypto market is still very young: that is why our analysis aim towards a long term vision, a HODLing lifestyle. We are not a pump group.

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As the crypto world develops, many new-born projects can be taken by surprise when the market experiences a severe correction. This may cause substantial sell-offs and, sometimes, loss of trust in these projects. Here we are at the crucial decision: keep developing the project or abandon it? FERA will spot the right one.

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We will suggest some valuable plans and monthly- updated analysis of undervalued microcaps on the market


We do not have a specific protocol to follow. Collecting and modelling constantly changing DATA, we make this process always up-to-date


Our analysis are following a variable risk level and are suitable for every kind of trading prospect


Our service is delivered in a straightforward way; our team will be ready to interact and discuss with traders anytime