Our service

FERA provides customized trading strategies for crypto Startups. The service includes a trading plan that covers funds management, short-term predictions and price control functions. If requested, we will also select some of the best exchange listing options according to a detailed company analysis.

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Know your potential

Our advanced financial and social analysis will emphasize many key points of your company. A detailed data collection will help us conceiving funds management strategies and trading plans. Find and evolve your strenghts using our method, always particularly attentive to your needs.

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After the 2017 ICO boom, investors have not only lost money; more importantly companies' credibility has faded during these years. We believe one of the main reasons is linked to haste and lack of organization together with a certain percentage of randomness as regards exchange listings and price control. Having a plan is decisive, and we will lead you through that path.

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We will suggest you some valuable plans and you will be able to choose which one to follow and develop, always supported by our help


We don't have a specific protocol to follow. Collecting and modelling constantly changing DATAs, we make this procedure always up-to-date

modeled on the past

Thanks to our experience observing ICOs and IEOs, we are able to develop a solid program that includes trading tips and common mistakes to avoid

steps easy to follow

Our service is delivered in a  straightforward way: our team will be ready to interact and develop this strategy with you anytime