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Why and How FERA intends to develop your project

Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.

Benjamin Franklin

It is fundamental for a startup not to fail organizing its first steps. Franklin's sentence is very appropriate in this context: some small mistakes could have unwanted impacts on the development of the project and its roadmap. Considering the instability of crypto world, this can happen suddenly and more frequently compared to the traditional financial space.

Why Fera?

One of the riskiest steps after an ICO launch is the exchange landing: depending on the geographical location of your investors, the exchange responsivity and fees, you might prefer some platforms to others. But the question is: do you already know which ones suit you?

A private trading plan consulting nowadays is still an exclusive service: even if completed by specialists, it is often reserved to large companies due to its high costs. Moreover, being pursued by traditional market systems, this kind of trading plan could hit against crypto market behaviour, developing unplanned situations.

At FERA we believe each world has its own rules: we encourage ideas, projects, and we support every attempt to solve problems we are dealing with everyday. In this way, our service is not simply a mechanical data analysis: exchange type landing, investors' sentiment, personalized trading paths based on your supply, your chain type and also your code will be taken into consideration during the entire analysis.

For a general overview of this plan, you can find a brief roadmap of our service below the next section. If you need other details, do not hesitate to contact us at

how we plan to do it

The uniqueness of this service consists in formulating trading solutions according to a prior exchange listing, if needed. Despite the fact we are not holding neither managing your funds, we know very well exchanges' prices and requirements: if your coin is not listed yet, the selection of exchanges will be made within a certain record that will be discussed with the company before developing the trading plan, since each platform has some limits and disadvantages.

The making of the entire process has no strict guidelines nor a fixed way exists online; along with a big data analysis and a more traditional financial approach, we take as reference the only factor we can trust in crypto world: history.
Many ICOs and IEOs landed in different exchanges and we noticed some of them have followed, intentionally or not, some similar price moves which are being collected, stored and studied by us: the more startups launch their coin on platforms, the more we have datas to establish correlations and common mistakes.

Many CEOs of millionaire ICO-funded projects have paid up to 75.000 $ for unuseful default consultings, for just a tweet or a mention in an article. The majority of these projects today are non-existent. Not being humble costed many people thousands, millions of dollars in 2018... noone expected such a big correction, and some teams didn't develop anything.
In a financial world led by humans, maybe technical analysis and projections can be useful for speculation and short-term predictions, but the truth resides in market sentiment and investors' confidence.
[Leonardo Noci, CEO]

Below you can find a bried roadmap of our working process. Our main priority is focused on the company attention: communication is fundamental for a positive outcome. If you need other details, do not hesitate to contact us at


Getting to know each other, understanding how we work and identifying the general situation of your project is our main concern in this first phase.


We will ask you to provide us the information we need in order to start analysing your project. It can be done either via a meeting or a form online. This step is crucial: the more precise your data will be, the better we can work on them delivering a functional final product.


The longest and largest work for us: after having analysed your general situation we will start formulating some possible paths for you to follow. We will keep communicating with you anytime in order to be as precise as possible.

Trading plans

We will show you our trading plan, eventually discussing the results and optimizing the strategy for your company.